What counts as a taboo topic in 2024? And what role should brands role in tackling them?

Ahead of our Future of Brands conference next week which will tackel this question, and the role of responsible media and inclusivity in advertising across its sessions, The Media Leader asked speakers, agencies and strategists if they thought brands should get involved in hard-to-discuss issues.

Kara Osborne, CEO, UM UK
“Yes, brands should show up. We know through our own UK by UM research, that audiences do in fact look to businesses for support at difficult times, or in tackling sensitive subjects, and feel brands could do more to make a positive impact.

“Shared societal experiences, positive and negative, can bring people together.

“During a divisive political climate, brands do have an opportunity to create deeper more meaningful connections against the topics people care about but don’t know where to turn.

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