Here’s what brand marketers need to know about Apple’s ground-breaking ‘spatial computing’ device, according to IPG Media Lab’s Richard Yao.

On Monday, Apple unveiled its long-anticipated immersive headset device, Vision Pro, at its annual WWDC developer conference. The device, which resembles a futuristic set of ski goggles, allows users to view digital content on top of their surroundings and is controlled using voice, eye tracking and hand gestures.

In lieu of mentioning industry-standard terms like ‘mixed reality’ or ‘virtual reality,’ Apple executives repeatedly stressed the term ‘spatial computing,’ positioning the device as a paradigm-shifting successor in consumer technology to the mobile computing era that Apple kicked off with the iPhone. This positioning also indicates a desire to distance the device from in-market headsets like Meta’s Oculus or HTC Vive, which have been trying for years to make immersive headsets a mass consumer device in vain.

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