Despite achieving bipartisan support, the proposed American Data Privacy and Protection Act faces a number of challenges ahead if it is to become law. Privacy and digital advertising experts spell out the hurdles that remain.

The bill would put new restrictions on targeted advertising to minors under the age of 17. While the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Ruling (COPPA) has long set the standard for children’s data privacy, ADPPA goes further. “The ADPPA would place a greater obligation on social media platforms [to not exploit children’s data] … and would hold large data holders accountable [for knowing or acting] in ‘willful disregard’ of an individual’s age,” says Arielle Garcia, chief privacy officer at advertising agency UM Worldwide. She says this standard is a major departure from the more lax language of COPPA, which she says has “historically created loopholes for publishers, platforms and adtech companies” when it comes to handling children’s data.

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