Senior media planners do not believe that younger and older demographics are easier to reach on the same platform despite a new report that suggests their media habits are starting to converge.

The IPA TouchPoints Making Sense report to analyses the reach of different media channels and how much time different demographics are spending on them. It does not specify that different generations are converging on the same media and social media platforms.

Simon Taylor is the managing partner at UM and heads up its Just Eat, Amex and Purplebricks account teams.

He told Campaign one of the more interesting findings of the report is that TV’s share of total commercial media time viewed slipped from 40% during recent lockdowns to just 33% in 2021 post-lockdown.

“The older generation, who were traditionally easy pickings for media planners, are now also consuming AV content in a more nuanced way. It would be lazy to make broad assumptions and we would always ideally plan across platforms to reach all demographics – but the challenge of effectively reaching audiences continues to be complex,” he said.

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