From reviewing data practices to vocally supporting the right to abortion in brand messaging and internal policies, there are many ways brands should take a stance in post-Roe America.

The Roe v. Wade fight is at the intersection of culture and technology, something most brands strive to understand and engage with, even if they don’t want to wade into the murky waters labeled “politics.” The problem for brands that strive for neutrality is, at this point, you cannot excise politics from culture or technology, and if brands haven’t realized that over the past several years, to badly paraphrase Desmond Tutu and/or Etsy word art, they have chosen the side of the oppressor.

Why should brands support reproductive justice and abortion rights? In short: 61% of Americans believe abortion should be legal. That number ticks up slightly for women, naturally. That majority of Americans likely includes a brand’s target audience. Beyond that: abortion is healthcare. So, if you’re a brand that: 1. targets women; 2. is in the health space, or strives to be health and wellness-adjacent; or 3. serves an American audience, you should care, and be actively doing what you can to help your audience and your employees get the healthcare they need.

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