Advertisers are raising concerns about the data they’re sharing with TikTok.

Since its explosive adoption by US audiences during the pandemic, TikTok has been rife with controversy. Recently, politicians and regulators have called for a ban on the app, calling it “potential spyware.” Even the FBI has said it is “extremely concerned” about it. Last month, Forbes reported that an internal security team within TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, was planning to use the app to “monitor the physical location of specific US citizens.”

But that perspective is narrow, Arielle Garcia, chief privacy officer at UM, said, pointing out that the Director of National Intelligence has been asked to investigate whether ad tech—the bidding and selling of data for ads—could be a national security risk and investigations that found foreign entities potentially collecting US bidstream data.

“While I understand that there is a distinction that so often lands TikTok in the headlines, the reality is that that’s a pretty myopic view of the issue,” she told Marketing Brew. 

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