Agencies hope connected TV and digital out-of-home will play a bigger role in upcoming elections and politics — especially for smaller media agencies that are handling many of the less visible races in the crowded political space.

For a number of media agencies looking to place their political ad dollars down in this major election year, they are paying attention to CTV and DOOH as additional ways to engage with voters and audiences. Interestingly, it’s these media that are also spurring more political investment through programmatic means.

While some media agencies said they are so far seeing minimal changes in budgets across channels, the big focus for clients this season will be brand safety and suitability — “rather than avoid or minimize spend in certain channels,” said Marcy Greenberger, chief investment officer at UM.

In particular, Greenberger said “advertisers will seek to limit exposure and adjacency to certain content within channels.” Some advertisers are more risk-averse and want to avoid running ads related to political discourse.

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