In recognition of International Data Privacy Day, The Drum asks more than a dozen data and media experts how the landscape of consumer data privacy and data-driven advertising will look a year from now.

Prediction 1: tougher regulation and enforcement
Arielle Garcia, chief privacy officer at UM Worldwide:

By Data Privacy Day 2023, we can expect more privacy controls for people – whether by way of growing state law requirements to honor Global Privacy Control or new privacy features developed by big tech. We can also expect new state laws and continued speculation about whether 2023 is the year that federal comprehensive privacy law will be passed.

As we can expect to see a growing amount of organizations that will be implementing or updating their mechanisms to manage privacy rights and consumer preference. We are also likely to see greater scrutiny around dark patterns. Finally, we can expect growing demand for algorithmic transparency, catalyzed in large part by the FTC.

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