Some marketers are already beginning to pull back on advertising and are reevaluating their paid and organic content for social channels this week after the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade was released, leaving reproductive rights in the hands of state legislatures — some of which have already banned abortions.

At the same time, some marketers and agency execs have also been reconsidering their blocklists, adding phrases related to the Supreme Court as well as justices’ names to their lists now to compensate for potential brand safety issues.

Others say they are telling clients not to add to their blocklists now as “this issue will be part of the public debate everywhere for the foreseeable future,” explained Joshua Lowcock, global digital and brand safety officer at UM. “It’s not smart or sensible to add these words to blocklists — it’s a disservice to society and to ensuring that there’s quality coverage of women’s rights and reproductive health.”

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