The most-downloaded app in the US in 2022, TikTok now has over a billion global users. Its draw is stronger than ever among consumers.

At the same time, however, scrutiny of the app – which is owned and operated by Chinese technology firm ByteDance – is reaching a fever pitch.

While not all experts are so skeptical about the legitimacy of criticism directed toward TikTok, some share the underlying belief that government preoccupation with a single platform is misguided.

Some, for example, argue that privacy and security concerns are perfectly valid – but would be better served by advancing new national legislation. “We continue to see critics in Washington far more vocal about banning the platform than advancing federal privacy law that would establish foundational privacy and data protection – and much more active in scrutinizing the platform than in advancing efforts to regulate big tech,” says Arielle Garcia, chief privacy officer at ad agency UM Worldwide.

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