The BBC is consolidating its digital website and apps in the U.S. this fall to attract readers and advertisers on this side of the pond. The redesigned digital platforms are expected to roll out globally by next year.

The BBC isn’t the only large, global news organization working on overhauling its digital presence. CNN is rolling out a new content management system, which will help fuel an upcoming digital refresh. Fox News redesigned its website in March.

If the site changes do improve user experience and readers spend more time on the site, it would “become an interesting variable when we’re evaluating BBC,” noted Molly Schultz, svp of integrated investment at UM.

However, Schultz added that advertisers already have tools to target audiences regardless of where they are on the site. “We still won’t necessarily just buy by specific sections,” Schultz said. “To us, it’s still more about using the technology and the targeting that that the BBC offers and that we can have at our disposal to be able to find the audience where they’re consuming content across that property.”