PR, cybersecurity and data privacy experts explain how operating system security bugs could threaten trust in the tech giant.

Apple is urging users to update the operating systems on their devices to address underlying security vulnerabilities it discovered in some versions of its iOS and macOS frameworks.

On Wednesday the tech giant rolled out three new system updates designed to patch security bugs that it said in a blog post “may have been actively exploited.” The new updates include iPad and iOS 15.6.1, and macOS 12.5.1.

Another group whose ears may have pricked up over the debacle is regulators, suggests Arielle Garcia, chief privacy officer at ad agency UM Worldwide. “Regulators are likely to be less forgiving [than consumers],” she says. With the US Federal Trade Commission announcing plans to crack down on data privacy and security, Garcia notes, this misstep “substantiates, and will likely amplify, big tech data scrutiny.”

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