Amp spotlight: How the wisdom and experience of mentors can profoundly shape leadership abilities, as well as change the trajectory of marketing careers

As any former intern (as I once was) can attest, a good mentor can mean the difference between moving on to a long, fulfilling career or a proverbial full stop, especially in an industry as competitive and cutthroat as advertising. The guidance, support and connection the mentor-mentee relationship can offer is invaluable, but requires commitment and investment.

Erin Quintana, US CEO, UM
Our Global CMO Lynn Lewis has been my mentor for nearly 15 years, and without her I would not be in the role I am in today—or really, in any of the roles I have held since meeting and working for her in 2009.

I used to joke that she pulled me “up the ladder” at times when I didn’t believe I was ready to take on the next opportunity. She believed in me when I didn’t believe in me. And that has given me a confidence that stays with me to this day, even when she’s not with me. Lynn has shown me what a working mother can accomplish with the right mindset. For example, never apologizing for putting family first, but also never apologizing for loving what you do at work. When I have a problem she is my first phone call, and she always picks up. She probably will never know the depth of my gratitude to her and how much I hope to forever make her proud of me.

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