Publishers’ conversations about 2022 with advertisers and agencies are underway, and publishers’ first-party data is a newly prominent topic for an unusually wide range of publishers.

With more brands and agencies now progressing (though not necessarily at ease) with their post-cookie plans, publishers are spending the final quarter of 2021 filling out data template forms from agencies; discussing which clean rooms to use for executing second-party data deals; which identifiers can be used for full-year partnerships; and walking through how publishers have defined and set up the first-party audience segments they’re now peddling.

These first-party conversations didn’t appear out of thin air, but they have become more pervasive. “It has been a key part of media partnerships for the past several years,” said Joshua Lowcock, chief digital and global brand safety officer at UM. “If anything, the difference is more legacy media providers, like those in the broadcast space, now have first-party data.”

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