Up-and-coming ad buyers reveal what’s exciting them in the current media landscape and changes they want to see

Many of the top-of-mind questions in TV advertising aren’t concerning the current state of media, but its future. Industry growing pains in platforms, data, technology and automation are solidifying the foundation for the next generation of media buyers to build upon.

VP, integrated investment, UM

Katie Rodkey echoed the desire for more advertisers to focus on programmatic buying, because she said it gives buyers more power to direct media investment across partners rather than individually with each.

Rodkey said she thinks the most exciting industry push is in AI and how emerging technology can help automate day-to-day tasks for buyers, particularly in aggregating industry news and summarizing events. For clients, Rodkey said AI will be able to help buyers be more reactive to current trends and events by automating media planning.

“One thing I’ve heard from a lot of clients is wanting speed to market, and I think they really want to be agile and be able to quickly identify what’s going on and have their message in market as part of that,” said Rodkey. “Of course, there’s all of the planning work in the background that needs to be done in order to do that, so it will be interesting to see AI play a bigger role in cutting down those steps.”

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