Toronto, Canada – November 30, 2017 – Technology is disrupting the way people interact with brands, evolving our habits at a speed that has outpaced the traditional approach to media. Motivated by the challenges we face in this increasingly-complex digital landscape, UM Canada and our holding company IPG Mediabrands, along with their network of agencies Media Experts and Initiative, are taking action.

Under the umbrella of Navigating the New Reality, we welcomed 300 guests made up of our clients from 42 different companies, our partners, and our own agency talent, to engage in a half-day client summit showcasing thought leadership. The stage was stacked with a roster of speakers hailing from arguably the three most important constituents facing this New Reality: clients represented by executive leadership at Johnson & Johnson and RBC, media agencies represented by senior experts across Mediabrands and its agencies, and industry heavyweights from our partners at Google, Facebook, and Spotify. The level of diversity in both their backgrounds and perspectives generated insights that, when presented simultaneously, launched an energizing discussion about how all three parties can collaboratively navigate the new reality of brand marketing, together.

The agenda was extensive, covering topics spanning the new video landscape to a new era in commerce; from the future of tech platforms to techniques for breaking through to consumers in an age of content overload. Speakers went beyond the one-dimension of information-sharing by providing deep dives into case studies and key learning, then offering next steps to tackle this new reality in actionable ways. While the content uncovered a range of thought-provoking points, one universal theme surfaced above the rest: Now is the time to act.

“At UM, we believe in creating moments that matter. Navigating this new reality means truly navigating the abundance of content out there to pinpoint those moments that matter and breakthrough,” explains Shelley Smit, President of UM Canada. “The speed of development we as marketers face today is tremendous. It’s something we all have to get comfortable with and plan our strategies accordingly. Today’s content is level setting the landscape and preparing us to rev up for 2018.”

“Today was amazing, but it’s only the beginning; a solid launchpad from which we’ll continue to drive the conversation between our clients, our partners, and ourselves,” said Harvey Carroll, CEO of IPG Mediabrands Canada. “We run on thought leadership and innovation; two skills that we as an industry need to advance the media and marketing communications agendas of our clients here in Canada. The caliber of content shown today is a culmination of that thought leadership and innovation, and will be harnessed as we continue to grow brands within this increasingly dynamic reality (and the next one on the horizon).”

A heartfelt thank you to our clients who took time out of their busy schedules to attend the summit, as well as to our partners at Facebook, Google, and Spotify, for joining us on stage and sharing insights into their perspective on the salient challenges that lie ahead. You’ll be hearing from us soon – we’ll be following up with a comprehensive recap booklet of key learnings, videos from our sessions, and more opportunities to keep the discussion rolling industry-wide.