UM Sweden took home Silver at the Ads of the World Awards (AOTW) last month.

Honored for their work on the “Coca-Cola: Happiness Machine” campaign, UM was awarded Silver in the Innovative & Ambient Media category.

The Coca-Cola Happiness Machine was installed in a bus shelter in Uppsala, Sweden on a cold and dark winter afternoon. While would-be riders waited patiently for the next bus to arrive, the machine would come to life, including bright lights, heat lamps, an artificial sun and even projections of a Swedish summer meadow – complete with chirping birds.

In the middle of a cold Swedish winter, the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine offered surprised unsuspecting Swedes a glimpse into the beauty of the season to come, offering them #ReasonstoBelieve in the warm days of summer that lie ahead.

Ads of the World Awards highlight the most popular advertising work in a given month out of thousands of submissions worldwide. The popularity is selected through a combination of ratings, comments, re-tweets, Facebook submissions and other social media factors.

Congratulations Sweden on a job well done!