UM London has been awarded a PPA Advertising award for its collaboration with NME Windows Phone – picking up the prize for Best Use of Social, and a ‘Highly Commended’ in the Best Partnership category.

The awards highlight and celebrate the sophistication and effectiveness of advertising campaigns that have magazine brands at their core, or use magazine brands within their wider remit.

UM’s winning campaign, which had the aim of sustaining interest around Microsoft Windows Phone Lumia 1020 handset, tapped into the audience’s passion for music by partnering with the UK’s iconic NME music awards. Harnessing the combined power of NME and Windows Phone’s social media channels, UM created a connection directly into the event. And fusing this with the L1020 with its incredible camera, flexibility and instant sharing capabilities, they were able to deliver an incredible, fly-on-the-wall experience directed by the whims of the NME audience watching at home.

Spanning live events, content creation, social media, digital advertising and exclusive competitions – the campaign was a runaway success, generating 1.8 million NMW Award night video viewers and 35,000 engagements on the L1020 digital hub. A large amount of additional media value was also created from socially generated editorial content and earned media.