UM Columbia won the Grand Effie for their “Bootleg Version” campaign at the Colombian Effie Awards taking home the highest award of the night and winning over the 250 cases registered in the Colombian competition.
In 2012 when the movie “El Cartel De Los Sapos” was due to premier in Colombia, UM had to make some bold moves to create buzz for the movie while also shining a light on the damage movie piracy causes.  With a very limited budget, they created a fake DVD of the movie and posed actors as bootleggers on the street.  When Colombians viewed the DVD they found themselves viewing an anti-piracy message from the two main characters from the film.  The “Bootleg Version” campaign is one of the most successful campaigns for UM and has been awarded many times since its launch.

At the North American Effie awards, UM New York was awarded for their outstanding work on the “Priceless New York” campaign.  The UM MasterCard team was recognized with a Bronze Effie in the Financial Cards category.

The “Priceless New York” campaign curated a program offering local experiences for MasterCard holders across food, fashion, music and arts by working with local partners to build an ‘experience engine.’  UM New York was also credited for their partnership on Johnson & Johnson’s “Healing a Profession from the Inside-Out” campaign that received a Silver Effie in the Good Works category.

At the Effie gala in Turkey, UM took home EIGHT awards – four gold, one silver and three bronze.

  • Gold: Pınar Labneli-Obama
  • Gold: Yeni Rakı-Bi Büyük Sofra – Mey / Diageo
  • Gold: Istanblue-Şehrin T Kendisi – Mey / Diageo
  • Gold: Coca – Cola “Gerçek Mutluluklar” – Coca-Cola
  • Silver: Mogaz Git Git Bitmez – Mogaz
  • Bronze: Markafonik Aşk Markafoni
  • Bronze: Beko Aile Kampanyası – Beko
  • Bronze: Aygaz Otogaz Takip – Aygaz

The Effies are one of the highest regarded awards in the industry, and recognize all forms of marketing communication that contribute to a brand’s success.