Building on their existing 20-year relationship, UM has successfully defended the media planning and buying account for Zagreb Brewery.

“One of the key factors of successful business sustainability is that Zagreb Brewery lies in sustainable relationships with quality partners,” said Darko Ivancevic, Marketing Director of Zagreb Brewery. “When a dynamic business environment is filled with innovation, new media and consumer demands that yield a successful relationship lasting more than 20 years, you’re confident that strong brands and their communication will find the best path to reaching its customers. That’s why we’re ready to tackle future market challenges in collaboration with UM.”

Mario Lovric, Managing Director at UM, added, “The success of this competition is important for the stability of our agency, and we are extremely pleased that our work has been recognized by our partners with whom we worked for a long time.”

Zagreb Brewery, part of the Molson Coors brewery network, boasts a heritage and craftsmanship which includes the finest ingredients and most stringent quality standards. They employ some of the most advanced brewing technology within the industry today.

Globally, the Molson Coors brewery network provides more than 100 beer brands to 50 countries.