Better Science

Data is at the center of everything we do. UM’s proprietary Business Analytics Engine (BAE) ingests data from the Audience Management Platform (AMP), our end-to-end data stack built on Acxiom, as well as other custom data sources and uses advanced analytics to identify the High Value Audiences that will grow our clients’ businesses as well as the relationship between media, marketing and results. The BAE is embedded into our planning teams to ensure innovative, real-time data solutions are at the heart of our approach.

Better Art

Better Art is about using insight and empathy to create a real human connection between a brand and its customers. It’s about identifying the moments that matter — moments when customers are most receptive to hearing what we have to say. UM Studios, our creative content unit, focuses on the co-creation of content to bring brand ideas to their fullest expression across media plans. Using our Addressable Content Engine (ACE), UM’s custom content specialists at UM Studios work within planning teams to optimize content at scale.

Better Outcomes

Every action we take is in service of driving business results for our clients. Our unique approach optimizes the entire media mix before and during the campaign against key business outcomes such as sales, market share and brand metrics. Our top-to-bottom, integrated tools enable us to optimize campaigns against audiences, channels, content and partners on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This approach ensures that we are taking every opportunity to make our media plan work Better.

Better World

At UM, we are driven by doing better for our clients, our industry and our communities. As we continue to shape the media landscape, our core values of Care and Community guide us in bettering our world.

Better World is UM’s corporate social responsibility initiative that connects the family of UM offices under a single umbrella to inspire each other, share best practices and create connections across borders. Impact Day, UM’s annual day of service, is celebrated at all UM locations across the globe. UM closed its offices for Global Impact Day on July 25, 2019 and set the record for most participants (5,000+) across the most offices (80+) participating in the most countries (50+).


The innovations of tomorrow are born out of the curious minds of today. At UM we are relentlessly curious about the evolving media landscape, our clients, and their consumers as we continue to find new, exciting ways to reach audiences in the moments that matter most.


Fortune favors the bold, which is why UM takes a courageous approach to media. We believe in taking calculated risks, supported by data, because to be the leading media agency is to shape the emerging trends that become the new standard.


Our commitment to being better is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to each other and our clients, a UM guarantee that we will seek every opportunity to bring the most to our brands and their audiences.


At UM we never shy away from an honest conversation because we believe that the best outcomes are forged in open and constructive communication. We will always speak truthfully – to our clients and to each other – in pursuit of the better outcomes for our clients.


We care about being a diverse agency that celebrates a spectrum of viewpoints and opinions and makes each member of the UM team feel valued and respected. Our Diversity & Belonging initiatives have set industry standards, making UM an open, inclusive and dynamic agency where our individual employees can not only flourish, but feel like part of the UM family.


Our active involvement in the global community is something we pride ourselves on at UM. In order to be a voice in the community, UM takes an active role in improving our communities across the globe. Through Better World, our globally integrated community platform, UM can think globally so our teams can act locally within their communities.