Thought Leadership

  • The Importance of Why Advertising Works: Measurement’s Missing Link

    Graeme Hutton SVP, Group Partner, Research

    Over the last decade, the advertising and media research industry has made exceptional strides in understanding how advertising works. Despite these advancements, something big is missing: Our industry has no consensus on how adverting works or how to measure its effectiveness. The plethora of digital metrics documented in this book shows that all too

  • Little Book of Curiosity: Content Crusades

    UM is proud to count itself among the early pioneers of content marketing. By thinking more widely and innovatively, the agency is moving brands away from the sales pitch and highlighting how advertisers can tell their story on a much deeper level via the careful crafting, editing and curation of branded content.

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  • The 10 Commandments of Content

    Scott Donaton Global Chief Content Officer & Head of UM Studios

    Scott Donaton, who’s been an chronicler, judge, and creator of brand content, shares lessons of downright biblical importance for brands looking to connect with people through stories. The challenge is clear by now: Intrusive, interruptive, self-centered marketing no longer works the way it once did, and its effectiveness will only continue to diminish in the

  • The Seamless Consumer Journey

    Eve Samuel-Camps & Mayuko Haldan-Jones

    Print has traditionally been the media of choice for luxury brands, but incorporating digital media to reach shoppers at all stages of their purchasing journey leads to more creative storytelling and better ROI.

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  • If Content Is King, Context Is the Power Behind the Throne

    Kevin Moeller EVP, Head of Research, North America

    There are more metrics to quantify audience exposure today than ever before. We have ratings, click-through rate, issue-specific, quarter-hours. One way or another we’re pretty good at counting exposures and interactions, even if we do not yet do so equally well across all media – in time we get there. But what is almost

  • New Breakthrough Evidence on Video’s Ad Effectiveness by Channel

    Graeme Hutton SVP, Group Partner, Research

    In 2007, Millward Brown undertook the first industry-wide study of consumer-controlled, ad-supported video content. Dubbed the C-TV study, it concluded that, in terms of ad recall, online video advertising was substantially more effective than TV advertising. This year, in a major collaborative neuroscience study with VEVO, the prominent music-video channel, UM wanted to revisit that basic

  • A 10-Point Guide On How Media Can Slice Through Always-On – Always-On Part 2

    Graeme Hutton SVP, Group Partner, Research

    In my last column, I discussed how Always-On can now be seen for what it is: a potential biological addiction. In a world where we are never far away from an electronic, online screen, we increasingly feel an inner urge to check our emails, social media pages and IM in every circumstance, despite how

  • Always On: Proof Consumers Are Enslaved and the Consequences for Brands

    Graeme Hutton SVP, Group Partner, Research

    We’ve all been culpable at one time or another. We have glanced at our smartphone in a business meeting, or other sensitive occasion, to check our emails or social media when we know we shouldn’t have. But why do we do it? Why do we feel compelled to sneak a peek at our phone