Thought Leadership

  • Why Social TV Has the Power to Change the Media World as We Know It

    Graeme Hutton SVP, Group Partner, Research

    If you were to ask me why social TV is poised to become one of the most important global forces in advertising over the next 10 years, it is because of its ability to challenge our industry’s fundamental notion of information overload. The term information overload was coined 40 years ago by the media visionary

  • Sherlock Holmes and the Curious UK Consumer

    Huw Griffiths Global Chief Performance Officer

    In today’s pop culture canon, the character who most embodies curiosity is the sleuth Sherlock Holmes. It seems there’s been a Sherlock revival of late, including a series of films and the US show Elementary. Yet the Holmes who dominates discussion in most homes comes from the homeland of the character himself, in the

  • Learning from China’s Emerging Curious

    Huw Griffiths Global Chief Performance Officer

    If you were to ask any major global brand what their top priority markets would be for the next few years, you’d be hard pressed to find a short list that didn’t include China.  Home to over a billion people, and steadily on track to emerge as the largest consumer market by 2018 according

  • Practicing Practical Curiosity in Germany

    Huw Griffiths Global Chief Performance Officer

    Germans are nothing if not practical. At least that is the conception and language commonly used to describe the country and its people by Ausländer. Their notable exports in engineering and cars are described with words like precision and practicality. The unprecedented thrice-elected German Chancellor Angela Merkel is popularly thought to be extremely pragmatic

  • Facebook’s Challenger Brands

    Graeme Hutton SVP, Group Partner, Research

    Two academic papers have recently been published that foretell the imminent implosion of Facebook.

  • Creating a New Media Currency: A Look Back & Look Ahead

    David Cohen Chief Investment Officer

    As 2014 rolls along and we head into yet another upfront buying season, it is interesting to think about some of the changes we have seen over the past year. These changes (primarily driven by data and technology) have affected every aspect of our business – how we develop insights, how we put together

  • Impression-Based Buying & the Local Marketplace

    Brad Thompson & Kathy Doyle

    The changes to technology that have rocked the media landscape in recent decades have accelerated into overdrive in the past ten years.  Ever-expanding methods of media consumption – PCs, tablets, DVRs and smartphones to name a few – have led to increasing audience fragmentation and rating instability.  In addition, the proliferation of consumer data

  • Data Love: The More You Have the Less You Know

    Sven Weisbrich CEO, UM Germany

    Is the dream of having endless data turning into a nightmare for marketers? And to ask another question: Is there even any proof that Big Data improves or will improve brand management, advertising or business performance? According to Cisco, the number of connected devices will grow by 500 percent until 2020 to reach 50 billion. Think

  • The Amplified Experience is Critical to Media Relevance

    Graeme Hutton SVP, Group Partner, Research

    All media that fail to offer an enhanced value exchange will soon become spam. While that may be a bold statement to make, we can easily turn to the traditional models of mass media and see how they are faring in today’s world. Mass media are based on old models of communication. If anyone still doubts

  • Curious About Social TV?: How Social Became TV’s Best Friend

    Graeme Hutton SVP, Group Partner, Research

    Despite all the hype, social media has not brought TV advertising to its knees. Rather than the downfall of TV, we have witnessed the emergence of social TV: consumers harnessing social media to comment about TV shows in every regard. Often these consumer comments are made in real or near-real time which, as we

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