UM’s Di Richardson: Consumers Don’t Want Dysfunction In Their Tech Choices

By Steve Ellwanger

A world without friction or seams probably won’t ever happen, even though consumers seek it constantly. In the meantime, marketers need to focus on the technologies that are showing signs of progress, whether it’s with augmented/virtual reality, artificial intelligence or eyeglass video.

“I think one of the challenges that we’ve still got with that technology is consumers are really looking for that frictionless experience,” Di Richardson, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at global media agency UM Worldwide, says in an interview with “We’ve been trained now with our phones, the way we live, that we don’t expect there to be dysfunction in our technology.”

Richardson cites as one example the latest iteration of wearable video technology (think Google Glass). “Time will tell, but what’s happening with Snapchat Spectacles right now, I think it’s a lot more seamless experience,” says Richardson. “I think once we get a more seamless experience, we can then have the ability to take that to more people more often.”

And there are always the contributions from Apple to inspire more fluid human/technology interaction. “Think about what Apple have done really well, they think about it from the consumer experience. I think we need a little bit more of that in some of the tech that’s being developed,” she adds.

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