UM in the News

  • UM Wins Adweek Arc Award for Best Use of Virtual Reality

    Arguably one of the most successful non-ads of last year, McCann and UM’s opportunity for a small group of schoolchildren to take a virtual

  • UM Wins Tim Hortons Media Buying Business In Canada

    At the completion of its media agency review, Tim Hortons has named UM as its new partner in Canada. The new contract went into effect Janua

  • Natalie Monbiot: I Saw the Future at CES 2017, and All Your Behavior is for Sale

    By Natalie Monbiot CES 2017, the world’s most important electronics trade show, took place in Las Vegas, Nev. from Jan. 5-8. It was remarkable this year for the fact that so many trends we have been watching for years are now a foregone conclusion. The Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, invisible interfaces, etc. are already

  • UM’s Di Richardson: Consumers Don’t Want Dysfunction In Their Tech Choices

    By Steve Ellwanger A world without friction or seams probably won’t ever happen, even though consumers seek it constantly. In the meantime, marketers need to focus on the technologies that are showing signs of progress, whether it’s with augmented/virtual reality, artificial intelligence or eyeglass video. “I think one of the challenges that we’ve still got with