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  • The Digital Advertising Industry Has An Identity And Data Integrity Problem

    Today’s column is written by Joshua Lowcock, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at UM Despite what you may have been led to believe, the real problem facing the digital industry is not ad fraud. The real problem is identity, compounded by the lack of quality and integrity put into verifying audience data. If the

  • Natalie Monbiot: I Saw the Future at CES 2017, and All Your Behavior is for Sale

    By Natalie Monbiot CES 2017, the world’s most important electronics trade show, took place in Las Vegas, Nev. from Jan. 5-8. It was remarkable this year for the fact that so many trends we have been watching for years are now a foregone conclusion. The Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, invisible interfaces, etc. are already

  • Cannes Lions 2016: Make Ads Good Again

    Natalie Monbiot SVP, Managing Partner, Digital

    Given the possibilities opened up by new platforms and technology we should be in the golden age of advertising. Instead we have as an industry got stuck in the weeds, and used technology more to obfuscate than to enlighten. Understandably, consumers have had enough, and have in many cases completely blocked us out. The best

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    How One Pollster Correctly Predicted Brexit

    Graeme Hutton SVP, Group Partner, Research

    As the world reverberates from Britain’s decision to leave the Europe Union, the shockwave making the vote all the more surprising was that no major polling company correctly predicted the outcome. Yet one new organization, Qriously, did apparently foresee what would happen. Qriously used a different technique to the established market research organizations. It used mobile.

  • Early Learnings from the Bot-verse

    Natalie Monbiot SVP, Managing Partner, Digital

     If you have just 60 seconds…. Facebook announced a bot store for Facebook Messenger at its developer conference this week. Bots, over time, are set to replace apps. As we’ve seen already through our own experiments for Sony Pictures, the potential for brands here is massive. However, a superior user experience is key to truly

  • Fasten Your Seatbelts. It’s Going to be an Augmented Social Reality

    Natalie Monbiot SVP, Managing Partner, Digital

    Facebook Messenger’s new bot store puts us on the brink of a new augmented social reality in which people brands and things will intermingle quite happily. At F8 today, Facebook announced a new Messenger bot store, representing “a major new channel for commerce, customer support, and possibly even media.” I would argue that the implications are more far-reaching than that. The bot

  • Brands to Play in More Life Moments, but Beware the Stakes are High

    SXSW Interactive 2016 was a study in a world where talking, intelligent machines become part of our every day reality. It debated the role of computing in that world. Would the lines between humans and computers blur, and what would be the consequences? Alternatively, would intelligent machines gain their own identities, intermingling happily with humans? If so,

  • Digital Advertising and the Power of Simplicity

    Alan King Managing Partner Digital, UM London

    My mum doesn’t understand what I do for a living. Until recently she thought I wrote all the ad copy for BMW (I worked on the media account years ago.) The subject came up again over the weekend so I tried to explain it one more time.  I could not have done this 5

  • The Year of Brand Introspection – Meditations from CES 2016

    Natalie Monbiot SVP, Managing Partner, Digital

    It’s become customary to hate on CES, where everything is either vaporware or useless — and I myself have been no stranger to it. This year, however things seemed to come together, quite literally, as the rather lackluster and lonely bits of hardware and peripheral tack were brought to life through next level connectivity.

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    The One Thing Worse Than Internet Ads Is…

    Graeme Hutton SVP, Group Partner, Research

    Ask millennials what the potential drawbacks of the Internet are, and surprisingly, you may find that annoying Internet ads don’t make the top of the list. Among 18-34s, 33% of agree at lot that too much personal information is collected online, while 28% says Internet ads are annoying, per UM Media in Mind. In the